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RMW Mantis MAGNUM enables welders to stabilize the work piece. Stabilizer tool to hold your work object. This amazing Mantis MAGNUM stabilizes and prevents the work object from moving or falling over during welding.

The Mantis MAGNUM arm is 28” long with a vertical reach of 21”. Mantis MAGNUM is balanced nicely to provide ample down force up to 21”straight up. Mantis MAGNUM is a two piece design that is cut from 1/4” (.25”) plate. Mantis MAGNUM ships flat and can be slid together to generate its unique shape. Use the Mantis MAGNUM to help stabilize your work piece while welding whether to allow easier tacking, or to help secure that odd shape work piece!

No more trying to prop on the work piece on weird junk in your shop!! Cole’s original design.

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NEW TOOL by RegalMetalWorks

Mantis MAGNUM!

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Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 12 × 4 in
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